Welcome to Camp Rawr

July 6th - 9th 2018, Penticton, BC

Camp Rawr


We will  be Holding a Float down the Penticton Canal, Starting from Okanagan Lake and Ending just before Skaha. Floaties are recommended to  bring during the float as Depending on the current of the channel the whole float can range from an hour to several depending on weather!

We also have a zip line onsite that will be set up over the weekend!


Registration fees are $25/camper, and we will be approving each registration this year.  This will be a 19+ Event only.

Please make sure you read the instruction for our new registration process. 


We Will be Having a pot Luck once again This year, Deep Fried Turkey will be Served as the main course and everyone is asked to bring and contribute to the Potluck in whatever way they can for Saturday Night’s Dinner. Whether it’s a small desert, Drinks, Etc.  We will announce a sign up sheet shortly.