• Cost Registration this year is again $25.00, and will be on an approval first come/first served bases a 2 part application process.
  • We have a few changes to the registration system this year.  We have upgraded our system to a new username and password login style.  If you signed up with us last year, simply click the forgot password link below the password field and you will be issued a temporary password with a link to continue and enter the system.
  • Those of you who were artists at VF will be familiar with this application process, as its the dealers den module for Convention Master.  You will fill out the first part of the application online, and receive an email after you’ve finished to confirm that we’ve got your application.  Once we’ve reviewed your request, you will then receive another notice on how to proceed.  During that time, we will take your payment and you can complete your application.

  • Please note there are a couple of steps that you need to pay attention to:
    • Application Kiosk:  You will be asked about assistants, please simply click next to bypass this step

  • Payment Kiosk:  After you get approved, you will go through the payment kiosk.  During those steps you will be asked for your artist name / business name, please simply just type in your First /Last Name or Furry name.

  • If you have any questions at all about registration, please don’t hesitate to email: